2015 IA Summit - Minneapolis


In 2015 we're "reclaiming information architecture" as the focus of the IA Summit. This isn't just a theme, it's the start of a long-term goal to bring renewed purpose to our series of events, year after year.

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2015 IA Summit

April 22-26, 2015
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

For over 15 years, the IA Summit has influenced how people think about information architecture, content strategy, and experience design. For our 16th birthday we're headed to Minneapolis, more focused than ever on learning about the design and structure of information.

We're thrilled to be bringing the show for the very first time to this amazing city of art, natural beauty, and of course the Jucy Lucy.

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The 2015 Keynote Speakers

  • Ted Nelson

    Ted Nelson

    The 2015 IA Summit will address the current state and future opportunities of building information spaces. We offer an intertwingling of hypertext structures, content management, and contrary thinking. Hypertext pioneer Ted Nelson will set the scene.

  • Jorge Arango

    Jorge Arango

    Jorge Arango matches a published body of scholarship and depth of thought with humble dedication to, and advocacy of, the IA community. He embodies the voice, tone, ethos, and ethics we aspire to.

  • Elizabeth Buchanan

    Elizabeth Buchanan

    As IA grows more complex, we need to be cognizant of delivering information responsibly and ethically; respecting the privacy and freedoms of individuals. Elizabeth Buchanan’s work in the philosophies and ethical considerations in computing and information science is both thought-provoking and necessary.

  • Brenda Laurel

    Brenda Laurel

    Brenda Laurel goes deep on hypertext narrative possibilities and playful design. As information becomes more free-flowing and intertwingled, we need to cut responsible and engaging swaths through it all. Brenda’s work in research, design, narrative, and advocacy make her the very model of an information architect.

Hands on Workshops!

workshops in action

Choose one of the full day or two of the half day workshops for Wednesday, and another for Thursday. We'll provide several breaks with energizing snacks and beverages and a great lunch for the full day workshops. Register early to make sure you get the workshop you want before it sells out.

It's not all work, work, work

groups eating out and singing karaoke

Taxonomists know how to party, rock, roister, revel, frolic. Our social events are a huge part of the IA Summit, where old friendships are revisited and new friendships are forged.

  • Brain full after your first day of sessions? Wind-down at the Happy Hour reception
  • Always popular, break bread with new friends at our hosted first-timer dinners
  • Keen to channel your inner Newton-John? Get those requests in early for Karaoke with Keyboard Man
  • Whether you're more Catan or Clue, play along at the popmatic IAS Game Night
  • Walkers, runners, and early-risers can work off that cake at the Polar Bear Fun Run

The IA Summit completely volunteer-run, with operational support from ASIS&T.