Main conference presentation

Data driven design research personas

Todd Zaki Warfel

Monday April 14 2008, 10:45 - 11:30AM

Whether you call them personas, characters, or actors, creating an accurate representative profile of your customers is one of the most useful tools in our user experience war chest. Personas are one of the most common buzz words in our industry, and yet the formula for crafting them seems to be locked away in some safe alongside the recipe for Coca-Cola. Well, that’s about to change. During this presentation we'll focus on methods for collecting and using data to create personas. And more importantly, I'll share some new visualization techniques we've been using that have made our personas even more effective and valuable to the design process.

Additionally, we'll address how and when to actually use personas once you’ve created them, ways to keep them alive throughout the design and development process (as well as after launch), and ways to measure the effectiveness on the product once it has launched.

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