Main conference presentation

Designing with patterns in the real world: Lessons from Yahoo! And Comcast

Christian Crumlish, Austin Govella

Monday April 14 2008, 11:45 - 12:30PM

Can you streamline web design and development with design patterns? Really? How?

Do patterns help or hinder agile user-centered design?

Do design patterns stifle innovation?

We’ll share what we’ve learned about bootstrapping pattern libraries from scratch and how to “extract” patterns from existing products.

We’ll share stories (er, I mean real-world case studies) to illustrate ways pattern libraries can both aid and stifle innovation, how they help solve real-world web design problems, and how they support rapid production of common IA deliverables.

We’ll bask in the glow of the “magic triangle” of patterns + code modules + wireframe templates that enable rapid prototyping and agile development, and then cower in the miserly shadow of the “iron triangle” of fast, cheap, or good.

How to structure and maintain a pattern library? Check. We’ve got you covered. How do you trick… er… get people to adopt patterns and help improve them? What tools help you do this? Are wikis the answer? How far can you get with an open-source CMS, a boatload of other people’s mistakes, spit, baling wire, and wing and a prayer?

To find out, come to Austin and Christian’s presentation where we’ll share what we’ve learned, what works, and what we will never ever do again at Comcast and Yahoo!

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