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Do real people really use tag clouds?: Research to help distinguish between web 2.0's hits and hype

Garrick Schmitt

Wednesday March 12 2008, 11:30 - 12:15PM

Much has been said about how the Web 2.0 era has fundamentally altered the way consumers interact online. But to what degree is today’s digital consumer really changing her online behavior? Are the hallmarks of Web 2.0 site design (tag clouds, wikis, social media, etc.) on the way to becoming mainstream hits or just techno-hype? And what are the implications for us, as experience designers, as we strive to create more useful and usable digital products?

These are some of the fundamental questions our design research team set out to answer when we surveyed 475 U.S. consumers about their digital behavior in 2007. In our study we found that today's mainstream consumers are enthusiastically adopting some Web 2.0 behaviors: they are increasingly personalizing their digital experiences with simple tools; snacking on highly specialized content through blogs and interactive video; and using search engines for almost every conceivable task. On the flip side, a surprising number of today's consumers are skipping some of the most innovative and buzz-worthy totems of Web 2.0.

"Do People Really Use Tag Clouds" will help experience designers navigate this evolving Web 2.0 landscape with quantitative data, explore trends shaping the industry and pinpoint concepts for further exploration in the months ahead.

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