Main conference presentation

Effective IA for enterprise portals: The building blocks design framework

Joe Lamantia

Saturday April 12 2008, 1:45 - 2:30PM

Portal design efforts often quickly come to a point where their initial information architecture is unable to effectively accommodate change and growth in types of users, content, or functionality, thereby lowering the quality of the overall user experience. This case study style presentation will demonstrate how a framework of standardized information architecture building blocks solved these recurring problems of growth and change for a series of business intelligence and enterprise application portals.

In a narrative and visual review of the evolution of a suite of enterprise portals constructed for a major global corporation, participants will see how the building blocks provided a consistent and stable framework for the design, expansion, and eventual integration of the user experiences of nearly a dozen distinct portal design efforts.

After introducing the building blocks framework, the presentation will follow successive waves of change in the audiences, structures, and contents of the portals, highlighting the benefits of a framework based design: repeatable mental models and navigation flows, reuse of design and development work, reduced costs and timelines, incorporation of social media capabilities into existing architectures, and a shared reference point for the user experience, technical, and business perspectives.

Allowing time for time for questions and discussion, the presentation will share recommendations on planning portal design efforts, and best practices.

For intermediate and advanced level practitioners.

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