Main conference presentation

How to be a user experience team of one

Leah Buley

Saturday April 12 2008, 2:45 - 3:30PM

Team structures have naturally creative properties. There's an exchange and evolution of ideas that happens when you have many people thinking about a problem. Solo IAs and interaction designers must produce creative solutions without the support of a team, and it can make their work challenging. Furthermore, the fledgling commitment to user experience in many organizations can make UX professionals feel that they need to focus on defending their work, rather than scrutinizing it to see if superior ideas for user experience emerge.

Still, it's possible for solo practitioners to achieve the creative results that teams do by adopting the methods of larger user experience groups. Here, Leah will share a number of design techniques that Adaptive Path uses, and show how they can be adapted for use in a solo practice.

In this session, you'll learn specific techniques that you can use to generate and refine design ideas. You'll see how these activities can help you speak with greater authority about the tradeoffs in various design directions. Attendees will learn flexible, simple activities that can be used quickly, wherever they're needed. Most require little more than pen and paper.

This session is recommended for all solo practitioners, as well as anyone who regularly works on projects as the only user experience professional.

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