Main conference presentation

IAs, language and lego - an introduction to semantic analysis

Matthew Hodgson

Saturday April 12 2008, 10:30 - 11:15AM

Typically, the approach taken by IAs to understand and categorise content is through conduct content audits and content analysis – a process that would be a lot simpler if content was created like building a Lego™ model – in a structured, logical and consistent way.

Unfortunately, English is messy, with exceptions to rules, different styles of writing, and a multitude of different ways to write about exactly the same thing. This apparent lack of structure means that analysis is always hard, very time consuming, and made all the more difficult if you lack subject-area expertise.

This presentation will introduce Semantic Analysis – a way in which content can be analysed and classified through its linguistic basis, rather than through its overt meaning. It will achieve this by using Lego as a metaphor for language and demonstrating that by examining the building blocks of language a deeper understanding of content can be gained.

A case study involving the analysis of medical restrictions text will be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach, and how it informed the creation of a tool that would help codify the content, make it machine readable for repurposing, and introduce a higher level of standardisation.

The presentation will also highlight the potential of this approach in other areas, including search engine optimisation and content/language translation.

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