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Panel: Practical prototyping

Todd Zaki Warfel, Chris Conley, Anders Ramsay, Jed Wood

Sunday April 13 2008, 1:30 - 3:00PM

Prototypes are a great way to involve customers early in the design and development process. With the decreasing barrier to entry and an increasing availability of tools today, like Flash, Fireworks, iRise, Expression, and an endless supply of JS/AJAX libraries prototyping should be in every interaction designers’ toolbox. So, why isn’t prototyping as common place in software development as it is in industrial design and architecture? The failure to include prototyping is rarely due to lack of skills with the tools, but instead naiveté about the kinds of prototypes to make and how to use them productively with colleagues and users.

This panel brings together a seasoned group of practitioners to discuss various methods for prototyping with a focus on why we don't prototype in software as much as we should and why we should be doing it more. We'll also discuss what's available today that makes it more accessible and easier today than it was a few years ago (e.g. JS/AJAX libraries, tools like Expression, Flash, Fireworks, iRise) and how to make better decisions about picking the right kind of prototype for the job.

Who Should Attend
Information architects of all levels will benefit from this panel discussion, especially those who are currently dealing with, or planning to deal with Rich Internet Applications or DHTMLheavy applications of any kind.

What You Will Learn
When you leave this session, you’ll be equipped with a broader understanding of some of the more commonly used toolkits, reasons why you should be prototyping, how to prototype better, and a greater understanding of some of the pitfalls of prototyping.

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