Main conference presentation

The business of experience: The experience impact framework

Jess McMullin

Saturday April 12 2008, 4:00 - 4:45PM

Increasing our influence in the organizations we work with is a challenge we all face. That influence comes when we find the right opportunities and actions for our own situations. Threading the maze of business can be daunting – but we don’t need an MBA to be an agent of change.

The experience impact framework offers a simple tool that helps IAs understand the kinds of impact user experience practice can have on business.

The experience impact framework shows the intersections between business and user experience practice, and highlights areas where IAs and others can build on their current work to extend their influence. By diagnosing the situation, recognizing the underlying patterns, and integrating more influential activities into their practice, IAs will improve their position and contributions to their clients and organizations.

The experience impact framework includes three dimensions:

  • The elements of business
  • The fundamentals of user experience practice
  • The kinds of impact we can have
These components and the resulting framework will be explained through concepts and case studies.

To conclude the session, the presenter will then call on the audience to discuss one or more of their own situations using the framework, illustrating its use as a pragmatic diagnostic tool that can suggest real opportunities and activities.

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