Main conference presentation

The long wow

Brandon Schauer

Saturday April 12 2008, 5:00 - 5:45PM

Customer loyalty — the idea that a customer will return to you repeatedly — is a hot topic these days. It’s been in the spotlight ever since business author Frederick Riechfield introduced the "Net Promoter Score," a simple calculation used to measure the loyalty of your customers.

Although it’s become easier to measure customer loyalty, it's just not that simple to create it. Rewards cards, frequent-whatever-programs, and other artificial attempts at customer loyalty just get in the way. Instead, engaging customers in more meaningful relationships over time is what builds true loyalty. And that is where well-planned, notably great experiences can play a big role in business.

This presentation lays out an experience-centric approach to fostering and creating loyalty by systematically impressing your customers again and again. The Long Wow challenges creators of customer experiences to plan across channels, time, and disciplines to identify a progression of seduceable moments.

Together, we'll take a fun look at long wow experiences from inside and outside of the field of Information Architecture, extracting from these examples what is "wow" and how it can be planned for and sustained.

For practitioners and mangers asked to deliver competitive customer experiences, this presentation will supply a framework for tackling customer loyalty challenges with user experience solutions.

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