Main conference presentation

UX in the Wind: Finding Experience on a Motorcycle

Joe Sokohl

Sunday April 13 2008, 11:15 - 12:00PM

Other interactions deliver experiences, not just Web- or computer-based ones. In my recent life, I've been able to combine passions for both user experience consulting and thought with a love for motorcycling. In addition, when I ride my bike, I'm often struck at how much sheer experience is part of the activity.

In this presentation, I'll take a quick look at the motorcycling experience from my perspective. I'll then talk about controls and the differences between conventions versus some unconventional design choices--and what implications they have on the experience itself. I'll use my knowledge of and experience with recent Moto Guzzis for examples.

Finally, I'll draw some contrasts between business dashboards that use automotive metaphors and the motorcycle experience of using dashboards and controls.

This presentation should resonate with participants of all levels who are interested in experience away from the computer.

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