Main conference presentation

Web site maturity cycles

Vera Rhoads

Sunday April 13 2008, 4:30 - 5:15PM

How does your web site stack against the best of breed and your competition? How can you convince upper management of that? A proper maturity rating could be the answer. If you build a hugely successful web site could you keep repeating your success?

The Web Site Maturity Model presents a comprehensive evaluation framework using a repeatable model for measuring the quality of a web site through a hierarchical, evolutionary model with distinctly defined stages of the web site existence. Traditionally, a maturity model is a method for judging the maturity of the processes of any organization and for identifying the key practices required to increase the maturity of such processes. Extending upon well known models such CMM the Web Site Maturity model applies directly to the web.

The model was developed based on extensive practical experience and academic research. The methodology for applying the model, a step-by-step roadmap and toolkit for the Web Site Maturity Model will be discussed as well.

During this presentation you will learn how to benchmark your web site against the model and how to derive direct business value from it.

While a maturity model presentation can be a rather dry affair, the practical advice and the shared experience from the trenches of each level bring out the specifics of the model vividly to life.

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